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Safety Advisor (Part-Time)

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10 janvier 2023







This position reports primarily to the Director of Corporate Services in our Spruce Grove, AB office.   





There are no direct reports to the Safety Advisor.  However, the Safety Advisor collaborates with all Ryfaners to deliver and continuously improve Ryfan’s COR-compliant safety program.  The Office Coordinators are available to provide administrative support.  The Payroll & Benefits Coordinator and Director of Corporate Services provide Human Resources and Disability Management support. 





The Safety Advisor fulfills the following accountabilities and responsibilities: 


Maintain & Continuously Improve our COR Safety Program 

  • Ensure Ryfan’s health and safety program is effective, efficient and thorough as well as compliant with the local, regional and industry legislation, regulations and guidelines; 
  • Oversee Ryfan’s COR compliance (or recognition thereof) in Alberta, the Northwest Territories/Nunavut and other Canadian provinces or territories as required; 
  • Without limiting the generality of the above, conduct Ryfan’s COR audits as required by our certifying partners; 
  • Collaborate with our clients and other stakeholders regarding our safety program.  For example, answer General Contractor’s questions regarding our safety program, provide training certificates for our site crew, etc.; 
  • Work with the Sales & Marketing team (estimating) and Operations team (project delivery) to identify projects safety requirements at kick-off and demonstrate compliance with the same; 
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Team regarding all aspects our safety performance including recommendations for continuous improvement; 
  • Oversee purchasing, allocations, inspections and maintenance of PPE with the support of the Office Coordinators in Yellowknife and Spruce Grove and in collaboration with the Operations teams; 
  • Consult with internal and external stakeholders on safety program changes and improvements; and 
  • Chair Health & Safety Committee meetings and other safety meetings as needed. 

Collaboratively Build a Culture that Values “Safety” 

  • “Safety is not expressly described in our values because we believe working safely is the minimum standard, not the maximum.  At all levels, Ryfan aims to ensure a safe workplace by living our Core Values of Pursue Excellence, Practice Discipline and Earn Trust.  The Safety Advisor demonstrates these values through building a culture that values safety and holds Ryfaners accountable to do the same; 
  • Act as a safety resource to Ryfaners; 
  • Effectively communicate with Ryfaners and engage them in our safety program; 
  • Be a cultural ambassador of the Ryfan Way and demonstrate our Core Values by your own behaviour; and 
  • Create “win-win” scenarios for Ryfaners’ satisfaction, stakeholder satisfaction (ex. general contractors or other trades) and Ryfan’s best interests. 

Safety Education & Training   

  • Develop, coach and mentor Ryfaners regarding our safety program including but not limited to changes to legislation, regulations, guidelines, industry standards and leading practices; 
  • Develop and deliver in-house safety training and supplement with external training where required;
  • Predict future needs and develop the Ryfan team in advance to satisfy those emerging needs; 
  • Support field teams in acquiring and maintaining all relevant training and certifications; and 
  • Maintain your own training and education on health and safety developments, requirements and legislation throughout Canada where Ryfan operates. 

Disability, Incident & Emergency Management 

  • In the event of an incident or emergency, collaborate with external service providers to deploy to site when required.  Because of the challenging logistics of attending our worksites, in-person site attendance will rarely be required by the Safety Advisor and video conferencing will be preferred when reasonable; 
  • In the case of workplace injuries or any circumstances requiring reasonable accommodation, provide all key information to Human Resources.  Human Resources is responsible for leading Workers’ Compensation reporting and disability management in collaboration with the Safety Advisor and other stakeholders; and 
  • Manage reporting and relationships with Occupational Health & Safety organizations. 

Program Simplification & Automation  

  • Establish, track and report upon key safety statistics and KPIs that drive continuous improvement of our safety goals; 
  • Simplify, structure and systematize the safety program throughout Ryfan; 
  • Invest time and resources in developing program execution plans, schedules and budgets for the safety program.  Great planning leads to great results; 
  • Support the development of transparent systems that favour individual accountability and decision-making closest to the source of the challenge; 
  • Create systems and processes to monitor and report on the success of our safety program’s goals including recommendations for next steps; and 
  • Work closely with the Director of Corporate Services and internal stakeholders to design, build and implement the Bistrainer and SafeTapp systems, train Ryfaners on their use, and collaborate with Ryfaners on continuous improvements. 

Like all job descriptions, your accountabilities and responsibilities will evolve over time to support Ryfan’s goals, project needs and your individual growth.  As a result, you should expect your job description to change from time to time. 





The Safety Advisor possesses the following or comparable qualifications, experience and education:  

  • A high school diploma (or equivalent) is a minimum requirement; 
  • Maintain all required certifications to maintain COR compliance including but not limited to Principles of Health & Safety Management (PHSM), Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE), Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness (LEG) and Auditor Training Program (ATP), or equivalent from another Canadian jurisdiction.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in safety management.  




The Safety Advisor possesses the following skills: 

  • Intermediate skills in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint; 
  • Sound and thorough understanding of relevant health and safety legislation, regulations, guidelines and programs (ex. COR); 
  • Familiarity with terms and practices of the MEP trades (mechanical, electrical and plumbing); 
  • Sound judgment and decision-making; 
  • Good written and verbal communication skills; 
  • Ability to collaborate with and influence stakeholders; 
  • Flexibility to adjust to shifting priorities and deadlines; 
  • Effective negotiation, diplomatic, and conflict resolutions skills; 
  • Advanced interpersonal, team building, leadership and organizational skills; 
  • Able to effectively communicate with all types of people, including trades, technical, professional, and all levels of management; and 
  • Able to build and maintain lasting relationships with other departments, colleagues, clients and stakeholders.  




In addition to living our Core Values daily, as the Safety Advisor you demonstrate these job-specific competencies:

  • Safety:  Safety is an implicit value for us – it’s "the first thing" before we do anything else. It's not an "aspiration"; it's a pre-condition; 
  • Coaching:  You support others’ learning and development by teaching, coaching, mentoring and counselling your team on the Ryfan Way, and you fulfill the expectations you hold others accountable to; 
  • Attention to Detail:  You pay attention to every fine detail.  You think about what is required in order to achieve the project’s outcomes, and ensure it is complete to a high standard; 
  • Timeliness:  Deadlines are critical, and you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to get the work done exceptionally well; 
  • Results Driven: You organize time, work and resources to accomplish objectives in the most effective and efficient way.  You take the time to prepare a risk-adjusted project plan with your team before starting and you can adapt the plan on the fly as necessary. You are equally comfortable with the day-to-day project details and the big picture; and 
  • Team Leadership: You build strong teams by collaborating with all stakeholders and helping others achieve excellent results.  You recognize how you and your team fits into the Ryfan family as a whole.  




The starting wage for this position is $48.00 per hour, less the required statutory deductions and withholdings You will be eligible to participate in the Open Circle Office/Supervisory Benefit Plan. This position is a 0.625 FTE (25 hours per week).  Paid overtime or on-call work may be required in the event of an incident or emergency. 





This position may be subject to the following pre-employment conditions: 

  • Satisfactory criminal record check; 
  • Project-specific security clearances (ex. projects for the RCMP, Department of National Defence, and similar); 
  • Driver’s abstract check. 

Autres détails

  • Type de paie À heure
  • Taux à l'embauche 48,00 $
  • Déplacement requis Oui
  • Pourcentage de déplacements 10
  • Études requises Certification
  • Date de début de la tâche 6 février 2023
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  • 485 South Ave, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 2E9, Canada